Saturday, November 12, 2011


Some of you will remember me talking about Katie Renz's blog at our last crop. I began reading it about a month or so ago - right around the time they had the "Swimming for Katie" fundraiser. Needless to say, I began to go back and read older posts and felt like I got to know her, well, as much as you can in a month. It seemed like a big part of the paper crafting world got to know her and love her as well.

So, despite the fact it was more than likely inevitable, it was still sad to learn Katie Renz lost her hard-fought battle with stomach cancer on Monday, 11/07. She left behind her husband, Kevin, and sons, Hunter, Nate, and Will. I am positive they miss her tremendously as do many other family and friends.

From reading blogs of those who were far closer to Katie than me, I have learned her husband and sons all have birthdays within the next few weeks. These celebrations will be difficult, I am certain, as they will be the first since her passing. I know I have some great friends out there that this will also touch their heart. If you would like to send cards to the family, you may do so at the following address:

The Renz Family
PO Box 5913
Bellingham, WA 98227-5913

Please note Katie's funeral is scheduled for Monday, 11/14. Her huband's birthday (Kevin) is on 11/17. Her twin sons'(Nate and Will) birthdays are on 11/19. They will turn 6 this year. Her oldest son (Hunter) has his birthday on 12/01 and he will turn 12.

I am grateful for the short time I was able to "know" Katie through her blog. Her courage was amazing, but her devotion to her family was truly inspiring.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

52 Weeks of Mail - 2nd Week - Going Strong!

Let me repeat, I think 52 Weeks of Mail is a great idea and I am committed to seeing it through. Here is one reason it is a good thing to do.

I told you last week I was mailing a card to our neighbor, Ms. Bartlett. I was home over the weekend and she saw my car. She made a specific point of calling and asking to speak with me. She then told me she had received my card and how much she appreciated it. Ms. Bartlett went on to say she was so glad I had "chosen" her to receive mail and how much it meant to her. She added she was looking forward to getting her next card!

SO - see how easy it is to make someone happy! Mailing two more cards this week!!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Back to work

for me! I enjoyed my time off. As usual, I did not accomplish all I ever want to do, but really, when is your house ever totally clean and organized? On a more serious note, I had three things I wanted to accomplish and I managed to get two done - so that was good progress. The really going through and cleaning out all through your house just takes more time than I had. However, I managed to craft some, visited Grandaddy, visited Mom and Dad, went to fall arts and craft show with Mom, rode in Dad's new four-wheeler (that was fun), and just relaxed. Now, back to the daily grind once again!! My 52 Weeks of Mail cards will be going out tomorrow! I have a cute story to share about that project.

Have a great Monday!!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Sneak Peek for our Halloween Crop

I have a group of friends that I crop with on a fairly regular basis and we have done so for several years. We are having a crop next weekend that has been deemed our "Halloween" party. We have never had a crop dedicated to Halloween. . . . .and I am ALL over this!!! I am not a huge fan of Halloween, but I LOVE making crafts assoicated with this holiday.

This is a little sneak peek of one of the goodies I am making for everyone. I am going to have to do some trim work, I see. Of what I have shared, I used a|muse studio slate woodgrain and heather cardstock - so far and that you can see. Of course, there is more to show, but I will have to share it with you later. I can't ruin the surprise!!!

I hope everyone has a great Friday. I am off to do some errands and such.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

52 Weeks of Mail - Week 1

If you are looking for the Studio Stampers blog hop, please go HERE.

As I mentioned in this post, I have decided to participate in the 52 Weeks of Mail challenge. I think it is a wonderful idea and a great way to provide someone with a little happiness each week. This week I am mailing two cards. I made both of them a couple of years ago when I regularly attended a card class put on by a Stampin' Up demonstrator. We met once a month and made at least four cards each time. I am just now beginning to get low on my card stash. I would love to tell you what stamps we used or more about the cards, but I can't. I just made what was put in front of me.

This week I am mailing cards to my Grandaddy and to our family friend, Ms. Bartlett.

This first card will go to Ms. Bartlett. She is elderly, but still lives at home. In fact, she lives across the road from my parents. I am not sure of her age. I know she used to do my Grandma's hair and she had her "salon" in the back of her home. I know she will appreciate getting some mail this week. I think she will like this card.

This second card will go to my Grandaddy. He was moved into a nursing home last week and I know it has been an adjustment for him. It is somewhat difficult to watch him age. When I was little, I was so scared of him. He was huge to me and he always said a prayer at dinner in German (I think). I also knew when he told me to do something, he MEANT it. When my Grandma passed, he and I became VERY close. I thought, and still think, my Grandmother hung the moon - she was everything I wanted to be and all of those great things Grandmas are. However, Grandaddy has moved pretty high up too since that time!! He and I really do lean on on another for support. I believe he will like this card. I also thought it looked more masculine. I know though, without any doubt, he will LOVE getting some mail.

I am going to do my best to mail a card to at least one person for the entirety of this challenge. I am going to strive for handmade cards each week, but have given myself permission to mail store-bought cards in order to be able to stick to the challenge. Wish me luck!!! Why don't you take up the challenge too?

Monday, October 10, 2011

Studio Stampers October Blog Hop

Welcome to the Studio Stampers October Blog Hop!!! If you are participating in the hop, you should have arrived from Kathy's blog. If you are just joining us, why not start at the beginning with Karen's blog and work your way back to me.

I am still in the Halloween spirit - maybe because the group I crop with is having its first Halloween crop in a couple of weeks. I am really looking forward to this crop and have been having a lot of fun coming up with my goodies to give way. I will post pictures of those later - I can't give up that secret right now!!

I think Halloween is just fun irregardless and I really enjoy making things for this holiday for some unknown reason. This is not a super scary card, but rather a very simple and cute card that I will probably mail to my Grandaddy. The card recipe will be listed at the end of my post.

Next on the hop is Kristen's blog. If you get lost along your way or if there is a problem with a link somewhere, the complete listing for our blog hop is as follows:

Karen Crisp
Angie Schellenberg
Kathy Hatzke
=====>You are HERE!
Kristen Watson
Veronica Zalis

My card is made with products available from a|muse studio unless otherwise noted. Please feel free to shop at my store anytime!!

Cardstock: slate woodgrain, sleepy hollow, sugar, wasabi, pumpkin
Ink: french roast, lemon whip, papaya, memento tuxedo black
Stamp sets: Too Cute to Spook, Owl's Well
Other supplies: paper trimmer, circle punch, my grandmother's old pinking shears, adhesive

Saturday, October 8, 2011

What GREAT ideas!!

I have taken to reading this blog, Simplicity, as part of my required daily computer readings. She does beautiful cards! I also find her very inspirational. When I saw this first post, I definitely agreed with her ideas on gratitude. I do believe we, both as individuals and as a society, tend to focus on the negative and forget how much a simple "thank you" or other showing of gratitude can mean to someone. I have yet to make a gratitude card yet, but there are plans in the works for one this weekend!! Here is more information about her challenge:

"Thanksgiving here in the United States gets lost between Halloween and Christmas. It's become just another day to over-eat and watch football. Sadly, its original purpose--to celebrate and give thanks for the blessings of a plentiful harvest--has been lost. The Gratitude Challenge asks you to make cards and send them to people for whom you are grateful, to those who have contributed to the plentiful harvest of your own life.

Thanksgiving is a good time for Americans and Canadians to do this, but really, shouldn't we ALL express our gratitude for those people in our lives who have made a difference through their love, friendship, kindness, and generosity? You don't have to be in a particular country or faith to do this. Show those whom you love how grateful you are to have them in your life by sending cards. It's easy, and we're making them anyway, right?

Seriously, what a great idea, right? As soon as I get my first gratitude card made, I will be sure to post it.

Then this morning, I find she has this new post:

She heard about it from another blogger and, in essence, this is a challenge to send at least one card a week for a year beginning October 9th (this Sunday). It's sponsored by Etsy Greetings Team. Here's the FB Info blurb from their page:

"52 Weeks of Mail, brought to you by Etsy Greetings Team, is designed to encourage people to be more intentional about relationships and keeping in touch with friends and family by sending out a card or letter each week, for the next year. I don't know about you, but I LOVE getting a personal, hand-written card or letter in the mail.

"Throughout 52 Weeks of Mail, we are asking everyone to commit sending just ONE card or letter each week. You can send more than one, of course! 52 Weeks of Mail BEGINS on October 9th, 2011, and ends on October 7th, 2012. Please feel free to blog about this event, or share it on your Facebook page. Share it on Twitter, or any other social networking site too!"

Again, what a wonderful idea! For those of you that don't know, I still have a grandparent living. He turned 96 this past September and has recently had some health issues. I am committed to sending him a card a week without a doubt. Then, I remembered an elderly lady who lives across the road from my Mom and Dad. I am going to add her to my weekly mailings. My mind kept on going and I am also contemplating "adopting" a nursing home or a similiar type facility and sending them mail each week. I am going to ponder my third idea a little more, but my main goal is to make a complete stranger happy.

Doesn't this sound wonderful? If you would like to purchase handmade cards or to encourage non-cardmaking friends to do so, here is the link to Etsy. I don't have many cards in my shop, but this will spur me to add some more. I also have a very talented friend who has her own handmade cards for sale on Etsy and you can find her here: Debbie's store.

But I also assume several of you will also make your own cards too. I would also challenge you to use this to inspire you to use those stamps that have never seen ink. You know WE ALL have them!!!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Celebrating World Card Making Day!!

Welcome to World Card Making Day!!! Thank you for celebrating with us!!

Below is the card I made especially for our blog hop! I have had this idea running through my head, but I am not positive I executed it quite the way I had envisioned. Irregardless, I am pleased with the end product. The main thing is I thought outside the box and was able to put my idea on paper.

If you have not figured it out, I used the a|muse studio's adult female cameo from the Victorian Charm stamp set to make my Bride of Frankenstein. It took several tries - primarily because I was too lazy to cut out a mask. I used the a|muse studio sugar ink with a q-tip to give her her iconic hairdo! I would encourage you to always look at different ways of using your images. Just for the record, I have never seen the movie or television show or whatever media involved the Bride of Frankenstein.

All supplies unless otherwise noted are from a|muse studio: slate woodgrain cardstock, sleepy hollow cardstock, wasabi cardstock, pebble cardstock, sugar cardstock, memento tuxedo black ink, sugar ink, spooky fence die, creepy hollow stamp set, victorian charm stamp set, q-tip, paper trimmer, adhesive

Please keep hopping!! Here is a complete list of participants in this particular blog hop:

Amber Smith
Veronica Zalis
Jennifer Corson
Karen Crisp
Jeanette Cloyd
Sherri Thacker
Seleise Barrett
Pamela Fredrickson
Carissa Fulkerson
Melissa Roell
Angie Schellenberg
You are HERE!
Heather Scott
Suzanne Dahlberg
Dana Vincent
Julie Dylingowski

I hope you find some time in your day to make a card in celebration of World Card Making Day!!!!

Friday, September 30, 2011

World Card Making Day!

Good Morning!! Hope you are off to a wonderful start!!

Did you know Saturday is World Card Making Day? I am happy to tell you a|muse studio has an AMAZING offer for you to celebrate!!!

First: Host to win!
Host a qualifying World Card Making Day Workshop (with 4 customer orders) and you will automatically be entered into a drawing to win one of five $100 a|muse studio Shopping Sprees! And, every Hostess will receive a free set of a|muse studio 4-bar notecards with envelopes - 10 pack ($6 value).

Second: Free Gift with Every Purchase!
Something for everyone! Each customer that places an order at a World Card Making Day workshop, will also receive a free set of a|muse studio 4-bar notecards with envelopes - 10 pack ($6 value).

Third: Facebook Fun!
Celebrate with us all weekend long as we post fun World Card Making Day challenges and award prizes to our Facebook friends.

AND. . . . ..I will also be participating in a blog hop on Saturday with my fellow a|muse studio consultants. Please stop by and check it out. Hopefully you will be inspired!!!

Please contact me if you have any questions! Have a great Friday!!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

My Scrappy Saturday!

Good Sunday morning. I was fortunate to be able to spend my Saturday crafting with my friends in Franklin! What a great way to spend a day!

On Monday I am teaching my second of two training classes for work. We are implementing a new computer program that will assist us in writing our reports without having to rewrite data wepreviously obtained. It sounds complicated, but it is a great program and I think it will be wonderful for us! However, people are by nature somewhat resistant to change. SO - I decided to "sweeten" the pot and attempt to make the change less threatening. I used esesntially these same items during my first class, so I just tweaked them some for this one.

Before my coworkers could take the class, they had to complete some online training. I thought it was easy, but, again I like the program and was excited about it. This group I am training tomorrow will use the program more, but for somewhat different reasons than those of us who write reports daily. To say I fielded several questions, chats, and calls as my coworkers tried to complete this prerequisite is somewhat of an understatement.

So, to reward their completion of the online classes, as well as to recognize it took them some time, I will be doing some drawings for Subway gift cards for a lucky few. One of my friends has been in an envelope making frenzy! She has made the most unique envelopes out of calendars, posters, scrapbook paper, etc. When I purchased the gift cards, the cashier said they did not have any envelopes to put the cards in. LIGHT BULB! I asked if I could have a couple of the wrapper they use for the sandwiches. TA - DA - instant gift card holders were made unter the tutelage of my friend and with the help of my Martha Stewart score board.

Then when class starts, sitting along side each participant's folder that contains the training guide and cheat sheets will be this cute little pencil. I was suprised how well these went over with the first group. They are made from Mentos fruit candy with a Hershey's kiss adhered to the end. This idea was modified from a picture I saw as part of a|muse studio's August spotlight. The stamped saying "You're the best!" is from one of my a|muse studio sampler sets that you receive if you sign up to be a consultant. The rest of my supplies are from Hobby Lobby (because that is the only place we have to shop here and I could get my supplies immediately!)

The class will last all day. That is a long time for people when talking about a soon-to-be implemented change - even if you are looking forward to it. So, when they "graduate" at the end of the day, they each will receive an honorary owl. I made six different designs just to have some variety. Each bag contains an assortment of minature chocolate candies such as M&Ms, Snickers, Twix, etc. Again, this idea was taken from the a|muse studio August spotlight and modified. I used paper bags and a paper pack I purchased at Hobby Lobby along with my nestabilities and cuttlebug.

I will spread out the remaining candy that I did not use in the center of the table for my "students" to snack on during the entire class. That way, I don't have to worry about taking it all home and getting any fatter!!! Because if I take it home, I know I won't let it go to waste!

Also on Saturday, one of the girls instructed us on making a paper pumpkin. This turned out way cuter than I imagined and it was fun to make. She gave me some more ribbbon, twine, and buttons to decorate my pumpkin with, but I just have not added those things.

If you stuck with me this long, thanks for taking the time to read this lengthy post. I hope you were able to have some fun time as well this past weekend!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

a|muse September spotlight

Every month a|muse studio highlights certain products and offers them at a discounted price for a limited time. I have to admit I have not been good at getting this information posted to my blog. Since I own three of the five stamp sets featured this month, it is pretty obvious this is a favorite spotlight of mine. For those of you I cropped with this weekend, you even saw me use one of these sets.
If you see something you are interested in, please contact me or click on the link to the left and shop my a|muse studio store!!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Blog Hop Winner!

Here it is:

Random Integer Generator
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Timestamp: 2011-09-16 22:03:14 UTC

That means INDY you are the lucky winner. I have sent you an email as well.

Thanks for hopping with us this month!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

September Blog Hop!!!!

I think maybe fall has arrived or at least the cool, brisk mornings have gotten here. I think I will miss summer. It seems like it went by SO fast!! I know I feel like my life has blown by here recently (which kind of explains my blog absence!). I have to share that this week I was honored to celebrate my Grandaddy's 96th birthday with him!!

Anyway, on to the wonderful blog hop!! You should have found me after visiting Veronica's blog. I hope you are enjoying your hopping!!!

Don't forget to leave a comment on my blog - I will be giving away some blog candy!!! The winner will be chosen at random on Friday, 09/16. All comments must be made prior midnight CST on Thursday, 09/15.

I actually have four cards to share with you today. Let me know what you think! All card ingredients will be listed at the end of the post.

The first card is very simple and has mutliple uses.

I made the mistake yesterday of shopping at Walmart after I got off work. By the time I made it home, I was ready for a martini!!!

The third card is essentially a variation on the first one I showed you. I was having fun using that stamp set!

My last card is done from a stamp set that I adored from the minute I saw it in the calendar. This idea came about just while playing around with my stamps and ink.

I hope you enjoyed what I had to share with you. Now, keep hopping. If you have lost your way, here is a complete listing of all who are participating in our blog hop starting at the beginning:

Studio Stampers Blog
Krystie Hersch
Kristen Watson
Kathy Hatzke
Karen Crisp
Kari Bell
Lisa Wakabayashi
Veronica Zalis
You are here!
Lianna Vigil
Angie Schellenberg

Enjoy!! Remember you can always shop with at my webstore which is always open!!!

Card recipes:

Card 1: fern and lichen inks, just because stamp set, shell cardstock - all available from a|muse studio

Card 2: fern and lichen inks, lichen and sugar cardstock, labels die set, just because stamp set, vintage labels stamp set - all available from a|muse studio (adhesive, a die cutting machine, and scissors were also used to make this card)

Card 3: fern, lichen, and french roast inks, lichen and sugar cardstock, just because stamp set - all available from a|muse studio (adhesive was used as well as a paper trimmer and a card base made from vintage green previously available from amuse art stamps)

Card 4: bubblegum and lichen inks, sugar and lichen cardstock, labels die set, vintage labels stamp set, let's chat stamp set, and bubblegum ribbon - all available from a|muse studio (a die cutting machine and adhesive was also used to make this card)

Friday, July 15, 2011

And the Winner Is. . . ..

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Timestamp: 2011-07-15 11:15:27 UTC

CONGRATULATIONS Babe!! I have sent you an email for your mailing address!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I would like to introduce you to

the Studio Stampers blog! This blog will feature cards and challenges made by me and my amuse|studio "cousins." You also get the chance to "meet" our team. This week you get to meet Veronica (Ronnie) Zalis. I have a feeling the Studio Stampers blog is going to be a great place for you to get some ideas and inspiration for your amuse|studio stamps! There is a challenge already posted, so come play along! I know I will be! (But first, I have to get prepared for the crop I am hosting at my house this weekend, so you probably won't see my card until some time on Saturday.

Also, don't forget our blog hop I told you about in my previous post. Here is a complete listing of all who are participating in our blog hop starting at the beginning:

Kathy Hatzke
Karen Crisp
Kari Bell
Lesa Wolfe
Lisa Wakabayashi
You are here!
Veronica Zalis
Ida P. Krause
Lianna Vigil
Kristen Watson

Remember I have some blog candy to give away. You have until midnight CST on Thursday, 07/14, to leave a comment on my original blog hop post (Blog Hopping. . .Again)for a chance to win the prize! Comments must be made on that

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Blog Hopping. . . Again

Welcome to the July Blog Hop. You should have found me after visiting Lisa'a blog. I hope you are enjoying your hopping!!!

Don't forget to leave a comment on my blog - I will be giving away some blog candy!!! The winner will be chosen at random on Friday, 07/15. All comments must be made prior midnight CST on Thursday, 07/14.

WOW!! It has been awhile since I have blogged. SO much has gone on to include computers issues which took me out of the loop for longer than I intended. BUT - I am back now and will be trying to be on a more regular blogger (keep your fingers crossed!)

I am excited to be back blogging and, in my absence, I have played with my amuse|studio stamps!! Aren't they the best?? My first card is a generic/any occasion card.

Card made using: orange gingham cardstock, bubblegum shimmer couture cardstock, sugar cardstock, orange satin ribbon, french roast stitched grosgrain ribbon, and the Owl's Well stamp set. All these items can be purchased from amuse|studio. The card was colored with Copic markers which can also be purchased from amuse|studio.

My second card is from a stamp set I adored the moment I first saw it. I had to do it in pink. It is also a generic/any occasion card. Although it is difficult to see, I stamped a second image of the hair spray can, hand cut it out, and then used a pop-up adhesive to place it on top of the original stamped image. I also added a little glitter to the "spray" from the can with a glitter pen.

Card made using: bubblegum shimmer couture cardstock, sugar cardstock, bubblegum gingham cardstock, onyx cardstock, the ticket strip die, large dots from Polka Dot Patterns stamp set (also part of stamp set assortment included in consultant kit), and the Glamour Girl stamp set. I also used the classic rectangles - small - from Nestabilities. The image and sentiment were stamped using Momento Tuxedo Black ink (another favorite ink) and colored with Copic markers. Everything used to make this card can be purchased from amuse|studio.

If you have lost your way, here is a complete listing of all who are participating in our blog hop starting at the beginning:

Kathy Hatzke
Karen Crisp
Kari Bell
Lesa Wolfe
Lisa Wakabayashi
You are here!
Veronica Zalis
Ida P. Krause
Lianna Vigil
Kristen Watson

Enjoy hopping!!! Don't forget to leave a comment for a chance at some blog candy!!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Blog Candy Winner!!!

CONGRATULATIONS DANA K. - You are the winner of the blog candy. Please send me an email with your address as soon as possible, so I can mail your prizes to you!! Thank you for participating in the blog hop!!

True Random Number Service
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Timestamp: 2011-04-03 23:12:39 UTC

Friday, April 1, 2011

Blog Hopping Today!!

WARNING - this is my first blog hop!! I am having fun and I just hope you do the same. Any mistakes, typos, hard to read ingredients are completely mine and mine alone!!

All my items were made with materials, unless otherwise noted, from the deluxe starter kit. This first card is simple as simple as can be. The middle dandelion (that is what this looks like to me) has been glittered so it stands out as "one of a kind."

It is made from sugar cardstock, bubblegum and orange ink, and diamond glitter. The stamps are from the studio sampler sets 1 and 4.

This next is a tag. I LOVE to make tags. Now, the tag is not from amuse studio, but is one that I buy from a lady who makes them herself.

The ingredients for this tag are: a large, grungied shipping tag (only thing not from amuse studio), harlequin background, orange ink, sugar cardstock, bubblegum ink, diamond glitter, guitar and sentiment from studio sampler 4, creative candy that was colored with my Begonia pink Copic marker (RV14).

This card did not photograph well and I assure you that the stamping on the ribbon looks FAR better in person that it does in this picture. The stamping on the ribbon is not anywhere as blurry in person as it came out in the picture.

This card was made with buttercup polka dot cardstock, sugar cardstock, cherry gingham cardstock, cranberry ink, cherry ribbon, stamps from studio sampler 1 and from the essential sentiments set, and black tuxedo momento ink.

The next two image show how this is a gift card holder. The card tucks under the flap which holds the gift card in place.

Ingredients for this gift card holder are: cherry polka dot cardstock, cherry gingham cardstock, sugar cardstock, black tuxedo momento ink, and the image and sentiment from studio sampler 1. Copic markers used to color the image are BG10 - Cool Shadow, RV14 - Begonia Pink, BG05- Holiday Blue, YG23-New Leaf, Y17 - Golden Yellow, and R29 - Lipstick Red.

I will be giving a blog hop prize to a comment randomly selected from those left on my blog. The winner will be chosen at 6p CST on Sunday, 04/03. Remember, Krystie, as well as other consultants, are each also offering some blog candy as well.

Next on the hop is Lesa's blog. But, if you lose your way, here is the entire list:

Lisa W.

Thanks for playing and hopping along!!

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Blog Hop Alert!!!

My upline, Krystie, my fellow amuse studio consultants, and I will be participating in a blog hop tomorrow, Friday, April 1st!! It will start at 5 p.m. CST. Krystie has advised she will take a random comment from one of the participating blogs and that person will win a prize! I have also decided I will offer a prize to a person who leaves a comment on my blog. Get ready for the fun!!!

My Webstore

is scheduled to go live at 2:01 a.m. CST! You can find it at:

amuse studio (Pie Safe Paper Goods)

Check it out and let me know what you think!! Please contact me if you have any questions.

Note that if you place an individual order which meets the $150 qualifying workshop minimum and you wish to take advantage of the Hostess Rewards, please contact me so I can process the order for you.

I will also keep track of your orders. Once you spend $200 with me, I will give you $20 in free product!!

I am also open to workshops and/or card classes. I have a two to three options I can offer at this point. Just contact me if you are interested!!

Thanks for supporting me in this endeavor!!

Counting down. . . . .

Less than 24 hours and my amuse studio website will go live. I will also be participating in a blog hop tomorrow. Yes, I realize tomorrow is April 1st, however, neither my website or the blog hop will be a joke!!

I will post later with my website address. Be on the lookout for lots of pics of things I have made with my new goodies too!

Be back soon!!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Exciting. . . .

isn't it??? For those of you who know me well, you recognize this is also one of my least favorite restaurants. SO - what could possibly be in that box that is exciting?? You know it has to be good. Any ideas??

Well, I have signed up to be an amuse studio consultant!! I am very excited about this. I will have my own website which will go live on Friday, April 1st (no fooling - it's for real)!! You will be able to order right off of it should you want to do so. I am also willing to do parties, stamp camps, card classes, etc. I have been given some great ideas for classes/workshops that are very economical too. You will be seeing A LOT of new creations on my blog related to amuse studio!! I have a wonderful upline who has sent me beautiful cards to show off the products and my fellow consultants in my group, as well as in general, have a TON of amazing ideas and are providing just as much inspiration! I hope you will join me in some amuse studio fun!! Contact me about any questions you may have in regards to classes, workshops, buying, or becoming a consultant. I can help you out!!

The box above contained my new starter kit which was just FULL of wonderful goodies!! I have to finish off some work and other chores tonight, but I hope to maybe get to stamp with my new items tomorrow!! I will post my creations as soon as possible. I will be in a blog hop soon that I will be sharing with you as well.

Hope you are as excited as I am!!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Such a beautiful Sunday

. . . and I have spent most of it working inside. I had to laugh at one of my neighbors earlier. He is probably one of the worst on the block about mowing and keeping his yard up in the summer, but he mowed today!!! The only other people in my neighborhood who have mowed this early are the ones who have the pristine lawns to start with. Then I realized why - he had a new mower and I guess he could not wait to try it out. The sad thing is that it really is too early to mow and his yard does not look much different than it did before he took upon that task!! Oh, well. If it made him happy. . . . Personally, I am trying to hold off starting my mowing until the first of April.

I am getting ready to purge a bunch of stuff on eBay. It feels good to streamline things again. PLUS - it is also a way of getting in touch with my new, soon to be announced, venture!

I have typed up my final for my students this Tuesday. I was a nice teacher because if you only missed one class all quarter, you did not have to take the final. I have two that need to take the final and one student who I think is going to take it to boost their grade. It was fun teaching this past quarter, but I learned I have A LOT more to learn about teaching myself. Next quarter I will be teaching two classes - Police Report Writing and Legal Writing. I am kind of a nerd about grammar and punctuation, so I am very excited about both classes.

To my scrapbooking buds - I plan on having a crop at my house this summer. Let me know if you would rather it be the weekend of July 8th or a weekend in August. I had planned on doing it a different date, but that is the weekend of graduation and they want all the teachers there that evening. I will also need to know exactly how many are coming because I have SURPRISES!!! I will let you know more details later. And, yes, I DO need to plan this far ahead because I will probably still be doing everything at the last minute any way!

Back to the work around here. Oh, how I don't wish I could snap my fingers and everything would just go in its place!! Hope you each have enjoyed a great Sunday and a wonderful weekend!!

Friday, March 18, 2011


The work week has winded down and I am absolutely spent. It has been a long week. I have had court twice and worked in another office in another town on one day.

I know I have said this before on my blog, but always remember your family and cherish them while you can. My coworker called on Sunday night. She and her family had been celebrating some birthdays with her husband's family that day. About 20 minutes after they returned home, they got a call that her husband's father was being rushed to the hospital. Her youngest daughter, who is 3, and her cousin, who is 6, were with him when he fell. They thought he was playing "dinosaur." To make a long story short, he never regained consciousness and on Tuesday evening he passed away. He was only 55 years old. A positive thing about this is that the family had had a great day of being together and celebrating. She also said he loved his granddaughters dearly, so playing with two of them is the last thing he did. The family has some comfort in those things. His service is tomorrow. Please keep her and her family in your thoughts and prayers.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

WOW - Part Two!!!

1. A second blog post in as many days - shocking, I know!!

2. My scrapbook friends will understand this next statement. In all my cleaning, organizing, and purging, I managed to LOSE my Gypsy! Thankfully, I found it. It was in my rolling tote with my baby bug - just one of two spots I usually keep it. I don't know why I did not think of looking for it where it should be instead of in some random spot!!

3. Not that I don't have enough to do, but I have a new adventure I will be sharing soon. I am excited about it and will share when I can!!

4. Now, I have to run and make 40 hanging paper Easter eggs!!

Hope you all have had a wonderful weekend and have had some time to get outside and enjoy the weather!!

Saturday, March 12, 2011


Have I ever neglected my poor little blog!!! While I am listening to UK's game (because I can't get it on my TV), I am working in my scrapbook room today. I am purging and getting rid of a lot of stuff. I just have TOO much stuff. Plus, I am fitting in a little, just a little, crafting time as well.

I am going to try to be better at this blog thing. I have some new ideas and potential adventures I want to share!!!