Sunday, May 31, 2009

Our Treasures

The finds Mom and I made are not listed in any particular order. These are just pictures of what all we couldn't live without last weekend when we went shopping. We pretty much just shopped here around town. It was Sunday, so some of the spots we wanted to it were not open. The picture above is a very pretty blue quilt that was really in good shape. It had a very, very fair price as well. Mom took it home with her. Notice my old kerosene heater on my porch? It has now moved back into my garage, but it is in great shape. I found out when we were loading things to take to the show it still had kerosene in it - that was not a good thing!

The vintage postcard on the left was my single purchase at McClard's show. It came from a vendor who comes every year and who, evidently, does several shows a year. The little puppy's face is truly priceless.
Pitty Pat: The Fuzzy Cat has a little story behind it. I am always telling my Mom she is a cross between Prissy and Miss Pitty Pat from Gone With The Wind. Of course, Mom does not agree with me. She has a "fuzzy" black cat book that I have no idea how old it is that she has in her house. So, when I saw this and then saw the title, I just HAD to buy it for Mom.
I am all about vintage and/or primitive pictures right now, so the festive dressed little boy just had to come home with me.

All of these items are things Mom brought to sell and I now have claimed. The far left is an old glass ketchup bottle. Remember them? I barely do. In fact, I had forgotten they were ever in glass until Mom told me what that bottle was used for. The next is an old glass cottage cheese container. I never knew cottage cheese came in glass - it has always been in a plastic tub for my life. The blue drawer is something Mom picked up somewhere, maybe from a hardware store, but it will love even more adorable holding cards for me. Then, I had to have the unusual shaped flower frog for me. I have a fairly large collection of them as well. They are great to stand pictures in. If you have ever looked at my Etsy or Artfire stores, you can see I use them all the time in my pictures.

Mom is all about feed sacks right now. I was holding this one up for her and had this side facing me (it is the back). I immediately told her she had to buy this feed sack no matter what. I mean, seriously, how adorable is that little girl??

Didn't I say Mom was all into feed sacks? This is the stack of the ones she bought that day. The scale was given to me earlier this year by someone who knows I like old things.
Last, but not least, is a red and white quilt Mom bought. I had seen it right before Mother's Day and had thought about buying it for her. I thought it was fairly reasonably priced, but I did not buy it for her. Honestly, I didn't want to pay what it cost and then have her cut it up to make stuff. I thought it was in better shape than that. I should mention, Mom and I are GREAT quilt hunters, and we find some GREAT buys (as low as $15) on them. Anyway, this quilt was still there and Mom snatched it up.

One of my most favorite things to do is to go antique shopping with my Mom. I can barely remember going to garage sales with my Mom and my Grandma when I was little. They would give me change and I would buy depression glass. I am sure I got some other stuff because I am pretty positive I acted up a little and I kind of think Grandma may have spoiled me just a little (I was the first grandchild in my defense). It is always fun to find a bargain or some other great find, but some days just going and looking is just as much fun. We both enjoy old things, so it definitely something we enjoying doing together. I am much more into primitives than my Mom and we have distinct tastes. I am very thankful we are able to do this together. It is amazing she still shops with me after she has to put up with me. Love you Mom!!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

McClards Show

Here are some pictures, finally I know, from our show last weekend. The top left is a full view of our booth. The other two pictures are just some closer shots of what we had to offer. This time last Saturday we were still setting up and getting ready. It was a beautiful Saturday. I actually even got a sunburn! I think it is fair to say Mom and I were both pleased with how we did. There were a steady stream of people all day long. I don't know if she had as many vendors as before or if it just seemed that way because they changed where the booths set up. There were some great items there, but I showed restraint and only bought a vintage postcard (I will post our finds later!) It was a lot of fun and I know I try my Mom's patience at times, but I am glad we do this together! McClards will have another show in the fall! I will keep you posted.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Happy Birthday!

to my Dad. Here he is doing one of his most favorite activities - riding the tractor. This was taken in November, so he is probably taking hay to the cows. I know Dad did nothing special on his birthday, but I still wanted to wish him well. He got his gift from me early this year - it was a bottle jack that would hold 20 tons (I think). He liked it and I received stern orders to "not buy anything else!" Happy Birthday Dad!! I love you!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day!

In honor of the Memorial Day holiday as well as in honor of all the veterans, including my precious Grandaddy, I am hoping you each are enjoying the holiday and are thankful for all veterans, past and present, on this day. This is a picture of my Grandaddy taken last November. He is a veteran of WWII and is 93 years old in this picture!

I will post pictures later this week of our show. Mom and I are pleased with how we did. We did our on shopping after the show around town and in Franklin, Kentucky. I will also post some pictures of our "finds" later as well!!

Take care and enjoy the holiday!!

Friday, May 15, 2009

To Motivate Me. . . .

This was how Mom and I set up this past fall at Rock Garden. I had to look at some pictures to get me motivated tonight. I have SO much to do before next weekend!! For those of you who might be coming to the sale at McClard's Antiques then, I will post some pictures later this week of their event last fall.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Bumper Card, Flowers, and Exercise

This is the wonderful Bumper Card from Penny in Pennsylvania that was waiting for me in my mail box today!! I think it is just stunning. If you enlarge the picture, please know the card does not have the spots - my camera lens has them! Penny was clever enough to write her note on a post-it so I can reuse this great gift!!

I have totally forgotten the name of this flower. But, I do know Mom planted it for me last year and it came back so it is an annual? I tell you, Mom does my flowers because I have no joy for digging in the dirt and then I take care of them for the rest of the summer. Anyway, this flower sits at the corner of my house. The church birdhouse was left by the people who I bought the house from and it is sitting on a large rock. If you enlarge this photo, please know I have not mowed and the grass is a little scraggly.

I do know this is clematis. I think it is supposed to be "red" in color, but this is how it has looked the last two years. This is on the side of my house. I am hoping it does not pull down my trellis. I can't believe how full the blooms are this year!! It looks so pretty next to the white siding. Along this side of my house (which borders the garage), I have several other flowers. I know one is a black-eyed Susan, I have a gerber daisy that the bunnies eat on, some type of ground cover, a lily, some hostas, and a plant that I think is an air fern, but it is not. I am sure Mom will tell the correct name of it soon. It has yellow blooms. Mom and I both put a variety of old things in with all the plants. We we get it all pretty looking, well, Mom actually, I will take pictures and show you that.

This is just a close-up picture of two of my clematis blooms. They are SO pretty. While I was outside, there were at least two bunnies. I tried to coax them to their salt lick, but they were not very cooperative. I wanted to get a picture of them, but I did not have my larger zoom lens on the camera, so what pictures I did get were not very good. I have one peony bud that is still all balled up. Last year I got a multi-blooming hydrangea plant and it is coming back (yay!!). I have another hydrangea bush that is starting to fill out. I can't wait for Mom to come and do all my flowers. I know it is a lot of work for her, but I ask her to do it because I think she enjoys it and I know I do. Plus, there is that dirt thing I don't like!

On to TaeBo - I went to class tonight and it was SO hard!! But, it was a great workout. Yesterday, I tried Zumba. I see where people really like Zumba and that it is fun, but me in that class was like a very low-end and very bad rap video. I guess my body is supposed to move like that, but it wasn't happening. A black girl in front of me told me to "Move it, girl!" and my response was that what I was doing was me "moving it." She just laughed at me and, honestly, I laughed at me, too! This was my second TaeBo class and it was much harder than the first. I do think I am really going to enjoy these classes. I won't be challenging Ali or anyone else soon, but it is fun. I can't work out tomorrow because we have a late afternoon training session in Louisville that doesn't end until 5pm EST. I need to get busy and get ready for our show. I made three sets of new tags this evening an dI might color them tonight. . . . and maybe not!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

First, and foremost, Happy Mother's Day to my wonderful Mom!! Equal well wishes are sent to my family and friends who are mothers!

I spent yesterday with my Mom at the primitives show at Cinnamon Creek in Centertown, Kentucky. It is in Ohio County. It is one of my most favorite shows ever. If you like primitives, it is well worth the drive. There are dealers from all over - including out of state - and the displays are just great to see. They have an old-timey band playing each year and you can buy bar-b-q from Hadley, Kentucky, for lunch. Believe me, you don't just rush in, look, and leave. We usually spend the better part of a day looking around.

We were a little bit worried due to the amount of rain we have had lately. When we arrived, we were motioned into the parking lot where we always park. However, we very quickly became mired down in about 6 or more inches of mud. It took 4 guys/men (who were very, very muddy by the end of the day) to push us out and we ended up parking in an "overflow" field. They had golf carts to ferry you to the show, but it was not that far of a walk.

Mom and I usually just take a "first" tour and take it all in. We make note of what we could not live without and then make purchases on our "second" tour or "third" tour. Mom made one trip to her car with purchases before we made our "second" tour. She bought a bunch of old cutter, quilt pieces (for her crafts) and some blue swirl Granite wear (for me for Christmas) from a lady we know, hence, the first trip. We both bought each other gifts for our birthdays (both in November) and/or Christmas. Mom always buys flax at this show and this year I got it for her. There were some very reasonable deals and, of course, there were those items you just drooled over, but knew you would not purchase.

I asked if I could take pictures and was told I could. However, horror of horrors, I did not take a single picture. I will try to remember next time. There are people that make primitive things and you don't want to take pictures of their items without their permission. I just got caught up in the looking and forgot about pictures. Anyway, here are some of the things I brought home with me:

This was an unusual shaped wire basket with a long wire hanger. It had a geranium in it (still in its plastic pot) when we bought it. Mom got this for me. I have a thing for wire baskets. I have not decided what to do with this quite yet. Right now it is hanging empty from a hook in my kitchen.

As I mentioned earlier, I collect blue swirl granite wear. I bought these two pie plates for myself. The rectangular frog was outside with me to take pictures for Etsy and/or Artfire. Both of these pie plates were very reasonably priced and are going to go great with my growing collection!

The Luzianne tin is for me. I also have a huge penchant for old advertising things. I have not decided what I am going to do with this yet either. It is in really great shape so I don't want to do something that will damage it. The green bait bucket tin is for my Mom for either her birthday or Christmas. It has metal hooks (like a belt loop) on the back because you were supposed to wear it on your belt and keep your bait in it. Although you can't see it, it says "Old Pal" on the front in raised letters. My Mom's dog when she was little was named "Pal." Now, you know why I wanted it! Mom approved of it and said she had an idea for it. I guess we will all have to wait and see what that idea turns out to be!

This is one of my favorite purchases - an old pair of a child's shoes. Flax has been stuffed in them. The shoe on the left is missing one button, but the shoe on the right has all of its buttons. I think these shoes are too cute!! I have no idea what Mom wants to do with them, but she said she wanted a pair. These were very, very reasonably priced compared to similar pairs that were available, so I grabbed them up.

Well, this has been a LONG post and kind of picture heavy. Hope you enjoyed my purchases as much as I did. I will get the hang of Blogger eventually so I can make a better presentation, but this was all I could do for today!! Thanks for looking and reading!!