Sunday, March 20, 2011

Such a beautiful Sunday

. . . and I have spent most of it working inside. I had to laugh at one of my neighbors earlier. He is probably one of the worst on the block about mowing and keeping his yard up in the summer, but he mowed today!!! The only other people in my neighborhood who have mowed this early are the ones who have the pristine lawns to start with. Then I realized why - he had a new mower and I guess he could not wait to try it out. The sad thing is that it really is too early to mow and his yard does not look much different than it did before he took upon that task!! Oh, well. If it made him happy. . . . Personally, I am trying to hold off starting my mowing until the first of April.

I am getting ready to purge a bunch of stuff on eBay. It feels good to streamline things again. PLUS - it is also a way of getting in touch with my new, soon to be announced, venture!

I have typed up my final for my students this Tuesday. I was a nice teacher because if you only missed one class all quarter, you did not have to take the final. I have two that need to take the final and one student who I think is going to take it to boost their grade. It was fun teaching this past quarter, but I learned I have A LOT more to learn about teaching myself. Next quarter I will be teaching two classes - Police Report Writing and Legal Writing. I am kind of a nerd about grammar and punctuation, so I am very excited about both classes.

To my scrapbooking buds - I plan on having a crop at my house this summer. Let me know if you would rather it be the weekend of July 8th or a weekend in August. I had planned on doing it a different date, but that is the weekend of graduation and they want all the teachers there that evening. I will also need to know exactly how many are coming because I have SURPRISES!!! I will let you know more details later. And, yes, I DO need to plan this far ahead because I will probably still be doing everything at the last minute any way!

Back to the work around here. Oh, how I don't wish I could snap my fingers and everything would just go in its place!! Hope you each have enjoyed a great Sunday and a wonderful weekend!!


Betty said...

You are definitely on a blog posting roll these days...LOL! Sounds like you have enjoyed your class this semester and I'm excited for you on your 2 upcoming classes!

Thanks for hosting a crop this summer - either one of the times you mentioned should work out ok for me.

It's been a beautiful couple of days around here and I look forward to the end of the day so I can leave the hill and enjoy it!

Debbie H said...

Wayne mowed too, but we have mostly weeds :)

Count me in on a summer crop. 7/8 or August are fine, I don't have any plans that I know of, and I LOVE surprises!