Monday, October 17, 2011

Back to work

for me! I enjoyed my time off. As usual, I did not accomplish all I ever want to do, but really, when is your house ever totally clean and organized? On a more serious note, I had three things I wanted to accomplish and I managed to get two done - so that was good progress. The really going through and cleaning out all through your house just takes more time than I had. However, I managed to craft some, visited Grandaddy, visited Mom and Dad, went to fall arts and craft show with Mom, rode in Dad's new four-wheeler (that was fun), and just relaxed. Now, back to the daily grind once again!! My 52 Weeks of Mail cards will be going out tomorrow! I have a cute story to share about that project.

Have a great Monday!!

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Debbie H said...

Hey Lisa, finally catching up on all of your news. I am glad you had such a productive week! Checking out your Etsy shop, too, looking great!