Thursday, October 29, 2009

Let's see. . . . .

I had my hair colored yesterday (I am anal about some things and I go every six weeks for this). My hair dresser, who I think the world of, asked me if I had been stressed. (Think work, think yes, most definitely!) Anyway, I asked her what prompted that question and she said the hair near the crown of my head was turning . . . white . . . . not grey. . . . white!!!!!

She did impart some good news. Evidently the hair at the nape of my neck is a dark grey so my hair dresser, after asking questions about my parents and how their hair has changed as they have grown older, has determined I will have that pretty white hair (when I get old because it will continue to be colored for some time) with the pretty dark roots underneath!

Now, truly things like that don't bother me at all. I have had grey hairs since I was in my 20s. I had to share because, honestly, I think it is funny my hair is beyond white at this point. I guess since it has gone from grey to white in less than 2 decades (now that word makes me feel old), I wonder if I should worry about growing bald. Isn't that the next step after white hair?

Dad is doing great. He has his 6-week post-surgery check-up next week and we all think he will get raving reviews. He has done really well.

I am LOVING my Cricut!!! My brain can't keep up with my ideas and there is not enough time in the day to make everything I want to make (and go to work so I can buy what I want to buy!)

Nothing else to report. Back to cleaning and creating!

Friday, October 9, 2009

My Cricut. . . .

has arrived!! BUT - I am not allowing myself to start playing with it until I get certain things done around the house. Plus, I brought home work this weekend that has to be done by Tuesday! I will make something by Monday night with it, I am positive!! I will be sure to share it with you all, no matter how terrible it might be!

Have a great Columbus Day Weekend!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

First Cartridge Has Arrived. . . .

But alas, my Cricut has not gotten here yet. First, as I have already mentioned, it the epitome of irony that this is the first cartridge I purchased. BUT - I just love some of the images. Yes, you all can make fun of me - I opened it up and have read the entire little book that came with it already! And, just to reiterate, I love the images, but not so much that I will be using them to make recipe pages! If I loved to cook, I would be all about this. I just don't think a recipe page about how to open a can of soup or tuna is all that exciting!
For those of you who have asked, I bought the Cricut Expression. I am thinking it will be here today. I know it has been shipped. I got it from eBay for a good deal (I believe). You can get into some good bidding wars and get things fairly when you are off from work and have plenty of time to check on bids and/or pending auctions. This resulted not only in my Cricut, but several cartridges. I am exercising my right to remain silent when it comes to how many cartridges I own. I will say, I won another (Doodlecharms) last night on eBay.
As I mentioned I have been busy listing on eBay and am making up some of the money I spent there recently. Those auctions will start going off this weekend, so. . ..
I have been good and stayed out of Mighty Dollar, but. . . . .I have a feeling I may make an appearance there today or tomorrow.
I can't wait until the weekend!!! And it is a holiday weekend at that!

Monday, October 5, 2009

WOW. . . .

am I tired after going back to work today! In my defense, it was a hectic day with several people reporting in. We have court tomorrow, Wednesday, and again on Friday. SO -the work week is going to fly by!!!

It amazes me how much work tires you out. I worked 8 hours today. Last week, I was home with Mom and Dad, was getting up every 3 hours to give Dad his pain medication, never rested during the day, did that routine for almost 4 days straight, and NEVER got tired. I guess it just goes to show you home life is so much more relaxing - no matter what you are doing!

Don't know much today. I am listing a bunch of stuff on eBay and trying to finalize my fall items for Etsy. Waiting on my bug to fly in. . . . should be here by Friday at the latest. I will not admit how many cartridges I have already purchased. I have already shared this with one person, but it is somewhat ironic the first cartridge I purchased was "From My Kitchen." And, this has already been asked, but to reiterate, this DOES NOT mean I will be making any recipe pages!!

Off to more listing and picking up!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Catching up. . .

Let's see. . . . .
one week ago, Dad underwent surgery to repair his rotator cuff. The tear was not as bad as the doctor originally thought, which is a good thing. However, his bicep muscle was "trash" to borrow the medical term used by his doctor. It was released during surgery which means it is no longer attached to the bone at the top of his arm near his shoulder. Amazingly enough, the bicep will find a new place to call home, reattach itself somehow, and Dad will now have a lump/bump probably somewhere down around his elbow. From what I understand, he doesn't necessarily lose strength, but the muscle does have to rebuild and regrow some.
Continuing on to other amazing things, Dad has had very little pain. We had heard how horrible this surgery is, but he has done very well. Thankfully, the nerve block took just prior to surgery which I am sure helped out immensely. He is down to taking pain medication only at night. Dad has said what pain he has felt since surgery is not really comparable to the pain he was experiencing pre-surgery, so that is definitely good. He begins therapy next Monday and has his stitches removed next Tuesday. The only problem now is that he is already bored. . . .
Visited briefly with Grandaddy while I was home. He is now the proud owner of a shiny Kentucky blue motorized scooter. I am sure he put off purchasing this as long as he could. I didn't talk with him much because they (the residents) were playing Flippo and they all take that game seriously, let me tell you!! I also had to rush home because Mom sent back a bunch of food with me and we didn't want it to spoil. I promised him to a marathon day of playing cards soon!
I am back at home and have been busy cleaning. I mowed and got the yard looking good. I still need to work on my shrubs and flowers. If you saw the inside of my house now, you would not call it clean as I have stuff strung out all over the place. But, I am making headway. . .
I have been having several sales on Etsy for which I am very grateful! Thank you customers!
I went to a new scrapbook store in my hometown and loved it!! It is called Scrapbook Haven and she carries some great products! What I bought certainly has inspired my creativity this week! I can definitely see returning here as often as I can.
For those of you I crop with. . . . . . well, I have been bitten by the bug! I NEVER thought I would succumb and purchase a Cricut, but I have! It should be here in about 10 days. I will be hitting you all up with questions I am sure!!
Lastly, but certainly important, be sure to keep Betty, her father, and her family in your thoughts and prayers right now.
Back to cleaning and listing and creating. . . I would probably get more done if I only did one thing at a time, but . . . what fun is that??