Sunday, January 25, 2009

New Items Just Listed on Etsy

I just listed two styles of Valentine's Day gift bags on my Etsy site. This is one of them. The other is the same except it has a different sentiment. It says "I'll love you fur-ever" and is on a bigger label that has been adhered near the bottom of the gift bag. I just love this vintage image stamp!! I got it from Red Lead. Both sentiments are A Muse.

I am glad I have finally posted something new in one of my stores. I feel like I have neglected them so much. Well, truthfully, I have. I am hoping to get back into making more for them soon!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

(Late) Wednesday Weigh-In

Just a quick note because I really need to be getting ready for work. I gained a pound this week. BUT - I have been hitting Hot Yoga faithfully so I am saying this is muscle more than food making its appearance. Having said that, I do realize I need to be making better food choices or I am working hard at yoga for a LOT less. So, I guess my message is you have to keep faith, know your body, and that results aren't always shown on the scale!!

Have a great Thursday!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Righting a Wrong

Here is another card I made for the A Muse Something New challenge. The new stamp that I had not inked before today was the Sweet Shop (7-7068D). I also used the Sweet Friend sentiment (8-8371B). I initially got this card out and ran the edge using a Cuttlebug embossing folder (a really small one). However, when I was done I realized the embossing was raised on on the inside of the card (meaning the white side instead of the bark side). I sat the card aside and did nothing with it for several days. Until now. I turned the card inside out and then punched out a window. I stamped the Sweet Shop in the window and used the punched out part to stamp my sentiment. I added some ribbon and strips of some Scenic Route pink paper and a punched out heart. Then I just doodled to add some more interest. Very simple and quick. Now I have to finish putting up laundry. I probably won't have time for any more stamping tonight!!

Making Cupcakes

I absolutely LOVE my A Muse Cupcake Set (2-CUPCSM)!! I played with it yesterday and these are just a couple of the cards I made. I used scraps of paper I had laying on my counter (shocking for those of you who know me, huh??). I also opened my Lil' Davis Glitter Glaze Brownie paint for the first time so my cupcakes could have chocolate icing. The purple card also has the extra bling of A Muse Mini Star Twinkle Stickers.
I also had a mental block yesterday because some of my stamps from this set no longer wanted to stick to either the sheet they came on or an acrylic block. I asked for help at the A Muse Lounge and was quickly reminded how to remedy this. Soak your stamps in warm water with mild dish detergent. If you do several at once, drain them from the water using a strainer to ensure you don't look those little ones down the drain. Place them on a paper towel to dry or pat them dry gently. Presto!! They stick again like magic!! Why I couldn't remember that I don't know!


Yes, I realize there are those of you who probably love this white stuff called snow. Personally, I could care less if I ever saw it again. Yes, I realize I live in Kentucky and I am subject to four seasons. However, my least favorite of them all is winter and I absolutely detest snow. I admit it is pretty if I don't have to go out in it (and I don't today), but I would rather not have to deal with it in any way shape or form. Yes, I would rather have snow that ice, but in my perfect world, you never have to deal with either! Yes, I realize the tempartures are going to stay warm enough that this sticking should not be an issue, but, again, I have no love for this side of Mother Nature. Give me the heat of summer any day!!!
I took this picture from my deck in my gown tail this morning. Yes, Mom, I did not wear a coat and I had on my flip-flop house shoes. I wasn't bundling up to only be out there long enough to snap one shot. OK. I am done ranting about something I can not change and will now return to doing my laundry. Thanks for letting me vent!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Another card for the A Muse AMC01 Challenge

As I have previously blogged about, the A Muse lounge is having its first challenge. The idea is to use a stamp you have not used before. On Monday I had my annual mammogram which inspired this card. It is supposed to remind you of a Susan G. Komen "Race for a Cure" walk. I had participated in these when I lived in Fort Worth. The inside of the card has the A Muse Awareness ribbon stamped beside the sentiment " Thanks for your support." I colored the ribbon in to make it a solid pink. I had used those two stamps before. I had also used the Curly Girl stamp as well previously. The new stamps I used are Mother, Girl, and Cityscape. I contemplated coloring in some of the clothing of the walkers, but I kind of the the "starkness" of how it turned out. I have at least two more activities I can use new and never-been-inked stamps on that I will be making cards for soon!! Thanks for looking!!

Look what I got in the mail today!!!

What beautiful cards I received in mail today!! You can click on the image to see them more closely. These were from a winter-themed swap I did with the A Muse Addicts. I am completely humbled by the talent and sincerely hope the people who received my cards liked them!! This was a very fun swap. You make five cards and send them in and you receive five different cards back. I had fun doing this and only making five cards is so manageable - even with a busy schedule!!
So, thank you to each of you who made the cards I received. They are very beautiful and I am amazed at your respective work!! I could not be happier!! Thanks again!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Weigh-In Wednesday

Well, some progress is always better than none, correct?? As of this morning I have lost one-half of a pound!

Truly that is good. Especially considering Tuesday was the first day I stuck to good foods all day. I also have to add I am back into my excercise routine and will make it to Hot Yoga at least 4, if not 5, times this week. Let me tell you, I can TELL I got out of my exercise routine. So, I feel positive about things to come.

Thank you to all of those who gave me breakfast tips last week. I appreciate all your help and support. I have been having a small peanut butter sandwich for breakfast and it seems to be really keeping me full. I went to the grocery on Monday and have some of the items you suggested to try out as well. Thanks again!!

I hope everyone has a great day!!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Something New Challenge at the A Muse Lounge

These are my first two submissions for this challenge. In celebration of the new year and the new lounge, the challenge was to create a card using a virgin stamp (one that you had never inked before). The brown and red card features images from the Saltbox Studion February Banner set (SBS206). The blue and red card features the A Muse Celebrate stamp (9-8063B) and the A Muse Lemonade stamp (3-7031C). However, my "lemonade" is supposed to be a strawberry daquiri. I am not sure if the latter two stamps are still available for purchase. Both of these cards were super simple. Seriously. It took me longer to gather my supplies than it did to actually make each of these. Both cards are also made using A Muse's 4-Bar notecards (I love the polka dots, can't you tell??) I have LOTS of new and unused stamps and this challenge goes until 02/07. Plus, my order from the new release has not gotten here yet. . . (If you haven't checked out the new A Muse releases, you really ought to do so. They are ADORABLE!!)
Thanks for looking!! Off to create some more!!

Aren't these bangles just too cool?? My friend, Jenn from Etsy, made these for me. They are made from old maps. I can't wait to wear them. She has a ton of different options and designs in her store (I like the ones made with pages from an old dictionary as well). Check it out: These make wonderful gifts and are very well priced in my opinion. Thanks so much Jenn!! I am thrilled with them!!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Just a quick post:

check out my A Muse blinkie on the left? How cute is it that the lamp goes off and on??

Anyway, A Muse has released their new Valentines Day stamps this past week and they are ADORABLE!! Check them out at: Also they have started a new message board/forums. When you go to the site, look for the "A Muse Lounge" button up at the top. The lounge is great. You will want to find a comfy chair and stay a while!!

Off to work at the Hot Yoga booth at the Health Fair and then to a SU Card Class. I will try to post some pictures later this weekend!!

Have a great day!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Weigh-In Wednesday

. . . . is not a very good day for me!! Besides the holidays, I have not felt well and allowed myself to eat whatever. Literally, I mean whatever. I weighed today and I am paying for that as I am up 3 pounds from when I joined the sisterhood. With being sick, I have not gotten into my Hot Yoga routine as much as I would like either. I am hoping to limp through the rest of this week. My plan is to take it easy, try to finally get rid of this crud, and buy much more healthier food so when Sunday rolls around I am actually working off of a plan.

For those of you who don't know, I had lost 75 pounds. It is now more like 55 and it is very frustrating to be going the wrong way. But, I did it once before and I will get back on track.

Here is one of my biggest challenges and I am hoping maybe some one out there can shoot me some ideas. I LOVE breakfast. It seems if I don't eat a good, filling breakfast, my day potentially can go downhill fast. If I eat a good breakfast, I tend to stay on track better. My problem is I don't always have time to fix much in the morning and you can only eat so many boiled egg whites. Does anyone have any good breakfast ideas??

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Well, happy 4th day of the new year!! Today is the first day I have really felt like my old self. So, when I would accomplish a task, I would make a card. These are what I got done today. Note, however, I did get more than two tasks done!

The card on the left has a cupid stamp I purchased on Etsy I believe. I will have to look that up. The scalloped base it is mounted on is a vintage piece of paper from some old college book I bought at a local flea market. I colored the Cupid using my Copics markers and glitter markers. The sentiment is from A Muse!! The ribbon, believe it or not, is some I have had around for years and I thought it just worked on this card.

The second card I couldn't resist making. Those of you who know me have heard me talk often about my Dad and his cattle. I bought this stamp because of those cattle. I don't know if it was meant to be a hereford, but it sure looks a lot like one. We have polled herefords (means our cattle do not have the horns). Anyway, I colored the bull to match a hereford's hide using Koh-I-Noor woodless colour pencils. The sentiment matched the stamp perfectly. It is from A Muse, of course! The bull stamp was purchased from Cowtown Stamps (thanks to Debbie H. for telling me about this site!)

Back to work for me tomorrow. We have court and the last time I checked we had 12 sentencings. Therefore, I fully expect to be in court ALL day! I have enjoyed my time off, despite being sick. Like Betty mentioned on her blog, I am kind of looking forward to having some structure back, but I am sure I will be muttering about work by Tuesday!

Off to do some more computer work - like list these cards on Etsy. Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!!

Here is wishing each and every one the New Year that you want to have!!

I am still fighting my cold, but am feeling better. I am hoping I am able to actually get some things accomplished today.

See the card to the right?? It is a bumper card I received this week from Pamela. If you have been around me lately, you have probably heard me talking about A Muse stamps ( I am completely and utterly addicted to these stamps. This, in turn, led me to their message board and forums aptly entitled "A Muse Addicts" ( One of the activities I signed up to do was to participate in a bumper card swap. I had no real idea of what that was when I joined, but essentially you sign up, are given a name, and then you are given a deadline to make and mail a card to that person. It only costs you time and one postage stamp. The upside is you will randomly receive mail, a card made especially for you (versus junk mail). It was fun to do. This is the card I received. I love the color combination of pink and green as well as the touch of glitter. For those of you who know me, that is not a big shock. I think Pamela did a great job and her card certainly made my day when I received it!!! My card is done and has been mailed. I hope the recipient likes it!! Not to enable anyone, but A Muse is releasing their new stamps for Valentine's Day tomorrow, January 2. Personally, I can't wait!!