Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!!

First to the picture. I know it is not the most "ringing in the new year" photo, but it is an example of Mom's decorating for Christmas this year. She did a great job and don't be surprised if I share some more photos with you later on in future posts!
O.K. I am also a few hours early posting this wish, but it is still just as heartfelt! Here is hoping 2010 brings us each what we desire of the new year!! Everyone stay safe tonight! See you next year!!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Boy, when I disappear. . .

I disappear! I can't believe it has been so long since I updated my blog. Life, both the good and bad, gets in the way!

Quick updates - Grandaddy is doing well. He is back at the assisted living home, a place he calls his "home" and where he wants to be. It may not have been the best decision for him medically, but it was definitely the best decision for him mentally. At this point in his life, the family agrees his mental health is just as important as his physical health. Despite the insistence he go to a nursing home, the assisted living home is the best place for him. They can help him with what he needs (which is minor as he is still ambulatory, has a clear mind, and can do several things for himself). Plus, at the assisted living home he gets to continue living in his "home" which is equivalent to a studio apartment. He would not be happy in a nursing home. I am happy and at peace with the decision for him to stay at the assisted living home. So is he.

Dad is healing quite nicely from his surgery. He will be reevaluated as to therapy this week. They are telling him he is progressing well and that is definitely a good thing.

I am off work until the first of the year and am very thankful for that. I am looking forward to the holidays and spending quality time with both family and friends. If you are reading this, please don't forget what even the tiniest gesture can mean to someone. I just got back from visiting my elderly neighbors (who probably wouldn't like to be called that). I was so touched by how grateful they were that I came to visit them. I visit them fairly regularly in the summer and try to speak with them no less than every two weeks when the weather gets colder. This morning they made a big deal out of telling me how much it meant to them. That touched my heart. I knew they enjoyed the company, but I did not really understand until today how much it meant to them. What a Christmas gift for us all!!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Please keep. . .

my Grandaddy in your thoughts and prayers. He fell this week and has broken his pelvis. Any fall at age 94 is serious. However, Mom has assured me he is in good spirits despite this mishap. You may send my Mom some good thoughts and prayers as well. She would appreciate them also. We do know his break will not require surgery (at least that is what we have been told to date). I just know it will probably be a long recovery simply due to Grandaddy's age.

Just a note on my Dad as well. He is doing very well recuperating from his rotator cuff surgery. He can put his hands behind his head without any problem which, evidently, is a big thing. Seriously, I am very thankful he is healing like he is. I know it is not as fast as he wants, but he gets being patient (which is hard for him) is best for his recovery despite his frustration and desire to move faster and do more!