Sunday, February 8, 2009

Thank You & Notes on Operation Hero Mail

First of all, my parents got their power back today!! They lost power on Tuesday, 01/27. They braved it out until 02/01, at which time they broke down and purchased a generator. So, they have been getting by and they are definitely thankful a generator and some hard work clearing trees is all the significant damage they have to deal with when compared to some others. A huge thanks goes out to all those persons who have been working LIKE CRAZY to help all the people get their power back. Dad said he was up and outside around 5A this morning and spoke to a Kenergy guy who was looking at the poles with a spotlight!! I went home earlier this week for a funeral and the closer I got, the more damage I saw. It was truly amazing to see. Mom and Dad still had at least 3 inches of ice on their deck and this was a week after the storm!! Dad said the Kenergy guy told him they had to hire a security firm because people were threatening them because they did not have power. How crazy is that? Anyway, again. . . . a HUGE, HUGE, HUGE thank you to those workers!!

The past two weekends I have been primarily working on making cards for Operation Hero Mail. This is another A Muse challenge using an absolutely adorable stamp set (see here: The idea is to make cards for our troops. The coordinator, Geeta, will ensure they are sent to the company who gets them distributed. I think it is a great cause!! I did double philanthropic work this weekend as the crop I attended on Saturday was an annual event where the proceeds always go to some cancer-related cause. This year the proceeds went to a local hospice. Anyway, above are my two favorite cards that I made over the course of the past two weekends. The first card is supposed to remind you of a parade on Main Street and the second was inspired by Sherry C. (see herblog here: - the card that inspired me is from her 01/25/09 post).
Here is hoping everyone starts off to a great week tomorrow!!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

I am back. . .

from Barren River from our retreat and I am TIRED!! Thanks everyone!! I had a great time!! Special thanks to Betty for organizing this and to Betty (again) and Terri for helping to make sure I didn't starve (not that it would happen over the course of a weekend. . . ) OH - and I also need to send a special thank Michelle for tolerating me! I am glad we all could make this and I am glad we take the time to share our stamping and scrapbooking hobbies!

I will try to e-mail pictures later, but it may be tomorrow. I made a detour to Wal-Mart in Glasgow before heading home. Then, once here, I had to visit with my elderly neighbors to let them know about how Mom and Dad are doing (because they would worry and will ask). I finally got my car unloaded and all the stuff is in my kitchen. I also picked up branches outside because, honestly, it was too nice to stay inside.

On the Mom and Dad front, they finally broke down Saturday and purchased a generator. They have no idea when they will get power back, but Mom said the lights flicked off and on several times last night. So, they are hopeful they may get their electric soon. As bad as it is, Mom said at least they still have their house, clothes, etc. which are usually lost or badly damaged in other types of storms. She said there was at least an inch of ice still covering things and that it is supposed to snow again on Monday. Mom also said that the power poles were snapped in half and that they had heard it would be easier the rebuild part of the power grid that was damaged instead of repairing it. It is absolutely surreal that they are going through this since I am so close and I drove home from the state park with my sun roof open. They are doing well though and I am definitely thankful for that!

Thanks again everyone for the great weekend!!