Tuesday, October 11, 2011

52 Weeks of Mail - Week 1

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As I mentioned in this post, I have decided to participate in the 52 Weeks of Mail challenge. I think it is a wonderful idea and a great way to provide someone with a little happiness each week. This week I am mailing two cards. I made both of them a couple of years ago when I regularly attended a card class put on by a Stampin' Up demonstrator. We met once a month and made at least four cards each time. I am just now beginning to get low on my card stash. I would love to tell you what stamps we used or more about the cards, but I can't. I just made what was put in front of me.

This week I am mailing cards to my Grandaddy and to our family friend, Ms. Bartlett.

This first card will go to Ms. Bartlett. She is elderly, but still lives at home. In fact, she lives across the road from my parents. I am not sure of her age. I know she used to do my Grandma's hair and she had her "salon" in the back of her home. I know she will appreciate getting some mail this week. I think she will like this card.

This second card will go to my Grandaddy. He was moved into a nursing home last week and I know it has been an adjustment for him. It is somewhat difficult to watch him age. When I was little, I was so scared of him. He was huge to me and he always said a prayer at dinner in German (I think). I also knew when he told me to do something, he MEANT it. When my Grandma passed, he and I became VERY close. I thought, and still think, my Grandmother hung the moon - she was everything I wanted to be and all of those great things Grandmas are. However, Grandaddy has moved pretty high up too since that time!! He and I really do lean on on another for support. I believe he will like this card. I also thought it looked more masculine. I know though, without any doubt, he will LOVE getting some mail.

I am going to do my best to mail a card to at least one person for the entirety of this challenge. I am going to strive for handmade cards each week, but have given myself permission to mail store-bought cards in order to be able to stick to the challenge. Wish me luck!!! Why don't you take up the challenge too?

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