Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Weigh-In Wednesday

. . . . is not a very good day for me!! Besides the holidays, I have not felt well and allowed myself to eat whatever. Literally, I mean whatever. I weighed today and I am paying for that as I am up 3 pounds from when I joined the sisterhood. With being sick, I have not gotten into my Hot Yoga routine as much as I would like either. I am hoping to limp through the rest of this week. My plan is to take it easy, try to finally get rid of this crud, and buy much more healthier food so when Sunday rolls around I am actually working off of a plan.

For those of you who don't know, I had lost 75 pounds. It is now more like 55 and it is very frustrating to be going the wrong way. But, I did it once before and I will get back on track.

Here is one of my biggest challenges and I am hoping maybe some one out there can shoot me some ideas. I LOVE breakfast. It seems if I don't eat a good, filling breakfast, my day potentially can go downhill fast. If I eat a good breakfast, I tend to stay on track better. My problem is I don't always have time to fix much in the morning and you can only eat so many boiled egg whites. Does anyone have any good breakfast ideas??


Crooked Eyebrow said...

I lost weight about 3 years ago. 40# and I am still mad at myself to this day. But you know what I have realized these past few weeks? Feeling angry at my self does not help. At all. You can do, we all can. WE hope you keep with us and ask for help when you need it. You know why? because us at the sisterhood can use help too. Share any tips or concerns. Tomorrow is a new day for all of us!

Thea said...

Ditto what CE said!

My go-to breakfast in the morning is 1 cup cooked oats with a container of yogurt mixed in. Quick oats in the microwave take 2.5 minutes and that's it!

Mommy Mo said...

I am not the person to ask about breakfast as it is my least favorite meal! What eggbeater eggs on an english muffin with low fat cheese? And maybe some yogurt with granola?

Hope to see you around the sistahood!

Betty said...

Hey Lisa,

Don't beat yourself up about it to bad. You have kept off a huge amount of weight and you look great. You'll get back on track and feeling better soon. Can't help you to much with breakfast - mine consists of a boiled egg, handful of peanuts and a cheese stick. Not to exciting!

jenstamps said...

My hubby is on mission to lose this year and I am doing all I can to help him but other then support I am not sure what to do. I am on the other end of the weight spectrum. I have a disease called Gastroparesis and need to put weight on, so it makes things a little hard for us when planning meals.

I wish you lots of luck!

Michellem said...

I lost over 20 pounds a couple years back (40 was looming). I NEVER ate breakfast before that - once I decided to lose weight I started eating a Chocolate South Beach Diet bar for breakfast every day - with two kids I have NO time to cook anything and this has vitamins/fiber, etc. It helped me to stay full and to get my metabolism moving -
Hey Lisa - it's great to see you on the A Muse Lounge now!