Monday, January 19, 2009

Making Cupcakes

I absolutely LOVE my A Muse Cupcake Set (2-CUPCSM)!! I played with it yesterday and these are just a couple of the cards I made. I used scraps of paper I had laying on my counter (shocking for those of you who know me, huh??). I also opened my Lil' Davis Glitter Glaze Brownie paint for the first time so my cupcakes could have chocolate icing. The purple card also has the extra bling of A Muse Mini Star Twinkle Stickers.
I also had a mental block yesterday because some of my stamps from this set no longer wanted to stick to either the sheet they came on or an acrylic block. I asked for help at the A Muse Lounge and was quickly reminded how to remedy this. Soak your stamps in warm water with mild dish detergent. If you do several at once, drain them from the water using a strainer to ensure you don't look those little ones down the drain. Place them on a paper towel to dry or pat them dry gently. Presto!! They stick again like magic!! Why I couldn't remember that I don't know!


Debbie H said...

The warm water and mild soap trick is an excellent way to revive the cling on the stamps. Another tip, if your acrylic block gets too nasty looking, the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser works wonders on it without damaging the acrylic! Love the cupcakes, especially the icing!

Michellem said...

Cute cards - I'm loving the acrylic A Muse stamps too!