Thursday, January 22, 2009

(Late) Wednesday Weigh-In

Just a quick note because I really need to be getting ready for work. I gained a pound this week. BUT - I have been hitting Hot Yoga faithfully so I am saying this is muscle more than food making its appearance. Having said that, I do realize I need to be making better food choices or I am working hard at yoga for a LOT less. So, I guess my message is you have to keep faith, know your body, and that results aren't always shown on the scale!!

Have a great Thursday!


Betty said...

Hang in there - you know the results are going to be awesome! Congrats on the recent sales. The shop is looking cute as always.

Anonymous said...

Keep up the faith it always prevails! I go to the gym and hardly ever see pounds drop. But I feel better and I know inches are coming off instead besides more muscle burns fat!!!

Have a good weekend and get ready for next weekend!!! YEAH!!!!