Tuesday, September 22, 2009

In with the Old and Out with the Old

You are welcome to come sit for a spell anytime! On the left are my three "new" old chairs. Mom and I found two of them here locally (the first two). She then found the other some where some other time (the one with the pillow). Anyway, the chairs traveled to Dad's shop and he stripped them all down to the metal before priming them and repainting them black. I was not sure if all three would work on my front porch, but I think they do! They are definitely comfortable to sit in. Dad and I tried them out when he brought them over this past Sunday. I just love the design on the chair on the far left. It is stamped in the metal as being made from a company out of Philadelphia. I had not seen a chair like this stamped before with its manufacturer. Please ignore my wild and bushy shrubs as well as my water deprived plants! I did not trim shrubs this weekend, but I promise I did water my plants!
After we got these displayed, I had to decide what to do with my old wicker settee. My first thought was to send it home with Dad for the burn pile! However, my friend Sheila was out walking and she likes "crap" (as another one of my neighbor calls it) as much as I do. She had the brilliant idea of painting it another color and putting it out in my shade garden. It is pretty much ruined and would probably cost more than it is worth to be repaired at this point. It is old wicker and, because of its age, the seats have decided to just give out. I thought putting it in my shade garden was a great idea!! So the picture on the right shows its new home! This was a good idea for another reason as well. Dad is scheduled to have rotator cuff surgery on Friday. This saved him from having to deal with it at all, saved him some bother to his arm, and gave him one less thing to feel like he had to complete by Friday!
I have been listing some new tags and bags. I have a few other surprises to list soon. It won't be long!! I hit the "crack" store (as some of my friends like to call it) on Monday and would you believe it crossed my mind to go again today . . . . just in case something new was put out! I think the addiction has gotten me!!! I had a great relaxing time this weekend with my scrapbooking friends!! Thanks ladies!! I needed that!!

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Betty said...

Very nice, and with all that great shade you have - what a great place to spend reading, etc.

Let's think about an intervention when you get back home!! LOL!

Best wishes to you and prayers for your Dad
while he undergoes surgery on Friday. I'll be thinking of you.......