Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy 94th Birthday to my Grandaddy!

My Grandaddy turns 94 today and, would you believe, I have not been able to speak to him yet because he has not been in his room when I called?? I thought I had timed it when he would be there, but obviously not. He lives in an assisted living home, but he is involved in practically every activity they do. This is my Mom with Grandaddy a couple of years ago. Thankfully Grandaddy is in good health, both physical and mental, for his age. He is so determined and has such a good attitude about things! I say this all the time, but I truly hope I have his attitude when (and if ) I get to his age. Can you imagine all the things he has seen in his lifetime? He is a WWII vet and served overseas. Once he returned to the US, he was hired as a postal carrier and worked there, as well as farmed. So, I am mailing his birthday present tomorrow (yes, I am a little behind). Here's hoping he has had a great day . . . . and that I can find him in his room later to tell him Happy Birthday!!! Love you Grandaddy!!


Betty said...

A very Happy Birthday to your Granddaddy Lisa!!
Sounds like he had a great day, and hopefully you were finally able to reach him in his "room". LOL!

Also, success on the Chinese Proverb take-out box. I helped unpack several for the shelves!

Debbie H said...

Happy birthday indeed, how wonderful!

Deb H