Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

First, and foremost, Happy Mother's Day to my wonderful Mom!! Equal well wishes are sent to my family and friends who are mothers!

I spent yesterday with my Mom at the primitives show at Cinnamon Creek in Centertown, Kentucky. It is in Ohio County. It is one of my most favorite shows ever. If you like primitives, it is well worth the drive. There are dealers from all over - including out of state - and the displays are just great to see. They have an old-timey band playing each year and you can buy bar-b-q from Hadley, Kentucky, for lunch. Believe me, you don't just rush in, look, and leave. We usually spend the better part of a day looking around.

We were a little bit worried due to the amount of rain we have had lately. When we arrived, we were motioned into the parking lot where we always park. However, we very quickly became mired down in about 6 or more inches of mud. It took 4 guys/men (who were very, very muddy by the end of the day) to push us out and we ended up parking in an "overflow" field. They had golf carts to ferry you to the show, but it was not that far of a walk.

Mom and I usually just take a "first" tour and take it all in. We make note of what we could not live without and then make purchases on our "second" tour or "third" tour. Mom made one trip to her car with purchases before we made our "second" tour. She bought a bunch of old cutter, quilt pieces (for her crafts) and some blue swirl Granite wear (for me for Christmas) from a lady we know, hence, the first trip. We both bought each other gifts for our birthdays (both in November) and/or Christmas. Mom always buys flax at this show and this year I got it for her. There were some very reasonable deals and, of course, there were those items you just drooled over, but knew you would not purchase.

I asked if I could take pictures and was told I could. However, horror of horrors, I did not take a single picture. I will try to remember next time. There are people that make primitive things and you don't want to take pictures of their items without their permission. I just got caught up in the looking and forgot about pictures. Anyway, here are some of the things I brought home with me:

This was an unusual shaped wire basket with a long wire hanger. It had a geranium in it (still in its plastic pot) when we bought it. Mom got this for me. I have a thing for wire baskets. I have not decided what to do with this quite yet. Right now it is hanging empty from a hook in my kitchen.

As I mentioned earlier, I collect blue swirl granite wear. I bought these two pie plates for myself. The rectangular frog was outside with me to take pictures for Etsy and/or Artfire. Both of these pie plates were very reasonably priced and are going to go great with my growing collection!

The Luzianne tin is for me. I also have a huge penchant for old advertising things. I have not decided what I am going to do with this yet either. It is in really great shape so I don't want to do something that will damage it. The green bait bucket tin is for my Mom for either her birthday or Christmas. It has metal hooks (like a belt loop) on the back because you were supposed to wear it on your belt and keep your bait in it. Although you can't see it, it says "Old Pal" on the front in raised letters. My Mom's dog when she was little was named "Pal." Now, you know why I wanted it! Mom approved of it and said she had an idea for it. I guess we will all have to wait and see what that idea turns out to be!

This is one of my favorite purchases - an old pair of a child's shoes. Flax has been stuffed in them. The shoe on the left is missing one button, but the shoe on the right has all of its buttons. I think these shoes are too cute!! I have no idea what Mom wants to do with them, but she said she wanted a pair. These were very, very reasonably priced compared to similar pairs that were available, so I grabbed them up.

Well, this has been a LONG post and kind of picture heavy. Hope you enjoyed my purchases as much as I did. I will get the hang of Blogger eventually so I can make a better presentation, but this was all I could do for today!! Thanks for looking and reading!!

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Betty said...

Thank you for posting your great primitive finds. So neat to find things like the items you posted, and I'm looking forward to seeing what your creative soul comes up with for your finds.