Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Bumper Card, Flowers, and Exercise

This is the wonderful Bumper Card from Penny in Pennsylvania that was waiting for me in my mail box today!! I think it is just stunning. If you enlarge the picture, please know the card does not have the spots - my camera lens has them! Penny was clever enough to write her note on a post-it so I can reuse this great gift!!

I have totally forgotten the name of this flower. But, I do know Mom planted it for me last year and it came back so it is an annual? I tell you, Mom does my flowers because I have no joy for digging in the dirt and then I take care of them for the rest of the summer. Anyway, this flower sits at the corner of my house. The church birdhouse was left by the people who I bought the house from and it is sitting on a large rock. If you enlarge this photo, please know I have not mowed and the grass is a little scraggly.

I do know this is clematis. I think it is supposed to be "red" in color, but this is how it has looked the last two years. This is on the side of my house. I am hoping it does not pull down my trellis. I can't believe how full the blooms are this year!! It looks so pretty next to the white siding. Along this side of my house (which borders the garage), I have several other flowers. I know one is a black-eyed Susan, I have a gerber daisy that the bunnies eat on, some type of ground cover, a lily, some hostas, and a plant that I think is an air fern, but it is not. I am sure Mom will tell the correct name of it soon. It has yellow blooms. Mom and I both put a variety of old things in with all the plants. We we get it all pretty looking, well, Mom actually, I will take pictures and show you that.

This is just a close-up picture of two of my clematis blooms. They are SO pretty. While I was outside, there were at least two bunnies. I tried to coax them to their salt lick, but they were not very cooperative. I wanted to get a picture of them, but I did not have my larger zoom lens on the camera, so what pictures I did get were not very good. I have one peony bud that is still all balled up. Last year I got a multi-blooming hydrangea plant and it is coming back (yay!!). I have another hydrangea bush that is starting to fill out. I can't wait for Mom to come and do all my flowers. I know it is a lot of work for her, but I ask her to do it because I think she enjoys it and I know I do. Plus, there is that dirt thing I don't like!

On to TaeBo - I went to class tonight and it was SO hard!! But, it was a great workout. Yesterday, I tried Zumba. I see where people really like Zumba and that it is fun, but me in that class was like a very low-end and very bad rap video. I guess my body is supposed to move like that, but it wasn't happening. A black girl in front of me told me to "Move it, girl!" and my response was that what I was doing was me "moving it." She just laughed at me and, honestly, I laughed at me, too! This was my second TaeBo class and it was much harder than the first. I do think I am really going to enjoy these classes. I won't be challenging Ali or anyone else soon, but it is fun. I can't work out tomorrow because we have a late afternoon training session in Louisville that doesn't end until 5pm EST. I need to get busy and get ready for our show. I made three sets of new tags this evening an dI might color them tonight. . . . and maybe not!

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Betty said...

Very pretty flowers, Lisa.

Way to go on the TaeBo classes!!! I don't think I'm quite ready to tackle that yet - but I'm seriously thinking of getting Jillian's 30 Day Shred (need to ask Melinda how she likes it). Look for me in the gym around June. I need to get vacation past me and then I'll be ready to jump in. See ya on Saturday!!!