Sunday, March 8, 2009

Time Flies

WOW!! It has been a month since my last post!! Time certainly does fly by!! I have not purposefully neglected my blog. I have been sick (again), have gone to NY for work for a week (in which both the departure and arrival flights were delayed so it was a longer trip than anticipated), had a dear relative pass away, have been home (O'boro) twice (for the funeral and then a second trip), and have been to Henderson where I visited Serendipity and took a wonderful class.

I will try to post some pics from NY, what we made in class yesterday, and my attempts at recreating what I learned as well later today. I am also trying to make some items for my even more neglected Etsy and ArtFire stores as well as do what I need to do around the house!! Wish me luck!!


Betty said...

Time does seem to fly by doesn't it? So sorry to hear about the passing of a family member and the crud your still carting around. It sure seems to be hanging on. Hope your feeling better soon!

Looking forward to seeing your awesome pics and our scrappin weekend on the 20th.

Debbie H said...

Lisa, sorry to hear about your loss and sorry to hear you have been sick again, I have too, yuck. Can't wait to see your NY pics and hear about your adventures!

Deb H

Anonymous said...

Hey Lisa

Sorry for your loss. I know what u mean about the sick crud I had it a month and two rounds to the Dr. for shots and zpacs. Man it is awful@ Hope the trip to NY was great and you got great photos would love to see them!


Glenda said...

Hope you are feeling better and I am sorry for your loss. I sympathize on the flight delays too - I travel for work and have experienced my fair share! Take care - looking forward to seein your NYC photos