Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ever been hit on at a convenience store?

Well this morning was a first for me! The guy was nice. . . . . . and persistent. . . . . . very persistent. In fact, he was a little too fascinated when I told him what I did for a living (thinking it would make him back down just a little). I literally just shut my car door (with the window up) and he drove away from where he had slightly blocked me in. I certainly never thought I would make it this far and still be single without a family, but . . . . after this morning I can say I was kind of glad to be single. I even thought about taking off one of my earrings and using it as a wedding band, but I don't think that would have deterred him at all. I guess I have to find a new place to make my morning stops. . . . . or I could tell him about a blue bucket. THAT would make him run I am sure!! (Just kidding Betty, but I couldn't resist.) I am sure this guy was nice, but he was definitely not my type!


Debbie H said...

I did have a guy follow me around Big Lots years ago, couldn't get rid of him, weird. I think this guy was NOT the marryin' type, glad you dumped him quick!

Deb H

Anonymous said...

LOL that is too funny! Never know when they are going to hit on you!!! Those kind of incidents always freak me out!!!

Well, now you feel like he might be waiting for you every morning so you get paranoid!!!

Terri D