Friday, March 20, 2009

A Restful (Sort Of) Friday

Above are pictures of my front porch. My Dad and one of his friends visited my house today. One of my gripes about my house from the day I moved in was how narrow my porch was. I "used" to have railings across the front and I thought they emphasized the narrowness of the area. Now, as you can see, I no longer have railings. I think it really opened up the front porch. As you can also see, there was a slight incident and my house now has an unintended new hole! For Christmas, Dad got my columns that will eventually be on my front porch and will look much prettier than my current beat up posts! OH - and the hole will eventually go away too!!! By the way, my Dad is not the person who made the hole!!! (John doesn't read my blog, but I can't help but rub it in anyway!!)
I have had a recent small surge in Etsy sales despite the fact I have majorly slacked off from making new items and/or listing them. This little surge has me excited again and I have created the following new tags that will be showing up for sale this weekend. Some of them have the new coloring techniques I learned at my Copic class in Henderson. I don't have the technique down pat, but I am pleased with how these tags turned out!

Off to bed. I chose not to attend a crop tonight because I needed rest. . . . . and I do. I can barely hold my eyes open now! I will be at the crop tomorrow though and I am looking forward to seeing my friends then!!

Items used in tags: Twigs and Sprigs rubber stamps, A Muse Art Stamps, Red Lead Stamps, Papertrey Ink stamps, and Cornish Heritage Farm rubber stamps, glue, glitter, and an assortment of Copic markers


Anonymous said...

Cute tags!!! I really enjoyed scrapbooking with everybody this weekend and am looking forward to the next time.

If your house leaks where the hole is (LOL), you could put a "blue bucket" there for the water.

See ya soon!!
Deb W

Debbie H said...

Ouch on the house! That is quite a ding.

Love your tags, Lisa. Those peeps are priceless!

Deb H

Betty said...

Sorry to hear about the bang up on the house, and like Deb W., I also recommend a blue bucket if it shows any leakage....

I just love the Country Cozy look of your front porch.