Monday, October 5, 2009

WOW. . . .

am I tired after going back to work today! In my defense, it was a hectic day with several people reporting in. We have court tomorrow, Wednesday, and again on Friday. SO -the work week is going to fly by!!!

It amazes me how much work tires you out. I worked 8 hours today. Last week, I was home with Mom and Dad, was getting up every 3 hours to give Dad his pain medication, never rested during the day, did that routine for almost 4 days straight, and NEVER got tired. I guess it just goes to show you home life is so much more relaxing - no matter what you are doing!

Don't know much today. I am listing a bunch of stuff on eBay and trying to finalize my fall items for Etsy. Waiting on my bug to fly in. . . . should be here by Friday at the latest. I will not admit how many cartridges I have already purchased. I have already shared this with one person, but it is somewhat ironic the first cartridge I purchased was "From My Kitchen." And, this has already been asked, but to reiterate, this DOES NOT mean I will be making any recipe pages!!

Off to more listing and picking up!


Anonymous said...

You are too funny!!!!!!!! Can't wait to hear the chirp from your Cricut. Did you get the big bug or the little bug?

Betty said...

Yep, home life definitely helps you unwind and relax........even for a little bit.

Still shocked over the news of your new acquisition. Your going to be one busy Cricuteer!!!