Thursday, October 8, 2009

First Cartridge Has Arrived. . . .

But alas, my Cricut has not gotten here yet. First, as I have already mentioned, it the epitome of irony that this is the first cartridge I purchased. BUT - I just love some of the images. Yes, you all can make fun of me - I opened it up and have read the entire little book that came with it already! And, just to reiterate, I love the images, but not so much that I will be using them to make recipe pages! If I loved to cook, I would be all about this. I just don't think a recipe page about how to open a can of soup or tuna is all that exciting!
For those of you who have asked, I bought the Cricut Expression. I am thinking it will be here today. I know it has been shipped. I got it from eBay for a good deal (I believe). You can get into some good bidding wars and get things fairly when you are off from work and have plenty of time to check on bids and/or pending auctions. This resulted not only in my Cricut, but several cartridges. I am exercising my right to remain silent when it comes to how many cartridges I own. I will say, I won another (Doodlecharms) last night on eBay.
As I mentioned I have been busy listing on eBay and am making up some of the money I spent there recently. Those auctions will start going off this weekend, so. . ..
I have been good and stayed out of Mighty Dollar, but. . . . .I have a feeling I may make an appearance there today or tomorrow.
I can't wait until the weekend!!! And it is a holiday weekend at that!


Betty said...

Yep, of all the cartridges out there - I laugh at the fact that you own this one and it was the first one purchased... Looking forward to seeing the creations from this cart.

Hope the Big Bug flys in for you today!!!

Melinda's World said...

That is funny! I love the big bug. I might have to beg to borrow that someday. Plus, ebay is so addicting.