Friday, June 19, 2009

Welcome to my new front porch!!

I am absolutely thrilled with how the columns changed the look of my front porch. If you don't recall, I did have three posts and a railing with spindles. I love the open look so much better. Dad did a GREAT job!! I just had a neighbor stop and tell me how wonderful the columns look as well!!

Dad came on Monday afternoon and stayed through Wednesday afternoon. It was probably one of the best visits ever. Usually he comes and I have so much I want him to do that he is rushed and we don't get much time to visit with one another. Also, because he is trying to do so much in a short time, it is easy to get irritated and frustrated with things. This time there was no rush because he stayed longer, we got everything done we wanted to do (met with the roofer, got the columns up, sprayed, mowed, repaired the siding where the hole was made - well, sort of, trimmed trees, hoed down weeds), we were able to sit and talk, we grilled out for at least 3 meals, and we even did some shopping!

Thanks again Dad. I love you!

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Betty said...

From the sound and looks of things you have been busy!!! Your porch looks great and I know you enjoyed the precious time with your Dad!