Sunday, June 13, 2010

How sad is it. . .

that it has almost been two months since I last posted? I don't, unfortunately, have any good reasons for being so behind in blogging. I will try to get better, I promise.
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So, what has happened? Well, let's see:

1. I know we have been busy at work, but that is not really new. There used to be kind of an ebb and flow to how our work was assigned and now it is pretty much feast or famine. I seem to be staying on the feast side of things.

2. We had a horrible flood here locally the first of May. No one I know personally was hurt or suffered any damage thankfully. However, there were others that did. I was in a client's house the other day and she had suffered flood damage and was still driving a rental car due to hers being damaged in the flood.

3. Speaking of water, it has rained a LOT this year.

4. We kind of skipped over spring and went straight into summer heat. I will NEVER complain about the heat as I would rather it be hot than cold.

5. My Mom and Dad have an absolutely adorable new fur baby, a shihtzu, whose name is Bruiser. He is all of about 5 pounds right now and is just under 3 months old. He got his name because he is tremendously stubborn and does not back down which means he should fit in well with at least me and Dad! For example, he will get between Dad's shoes and, instead of backing up when he gets stuck, he just keeps butting them with his head until he moves them and he can get through. One of his favorite things to do is for Dad to pick him up and roll him, literally, like a bowling ball. He comes running back for me. Bruiser has a TON of energy, but he is a cutie!

6. Grandaddy is doing well. Dad has also recovered from all his ailments and is doing well too.

7. I got a promotion! Yeah for me!! I am excited about this new position and really want to make it something my peers want to take from me. The writers (which includes me) have not had anything to look forward to in years in the way of moving up in our organization. My new position is that of a Sentencing Guidelines Specialist. It is not management, but there are facets of it that are great training opportunities to advance to management. We have not had this position filled in our district for the past six years or so. I was glad to be selected. Of course, this will mean some extra work, but that is definitely ok with me!

8. I am headed to New Orleans soon for training for work. It is Guidelines Training which is held annually at different places, typically in the south somewhere. I am looking forward to this trip. It will be a short one, but I have a feeling it is going to be a lot of fun. Mom was going with me, but she bowed out due to having to take care of Bruiser. I think they are going to baby-sit my house for me while I am gone though! That ought to be interesting.

9. I have managed to maim my riding lawn mower and it is down for repairs. I almost completely push mowed my just over an acre lot last week. Now my neighbor is going to take care of my grass until I get my mower back. I am kind of liking the break!

And, really, not a lot else has gone on. I am trying desperately to be more crafty and make more stuff, but I just have not had the time I need to create what I want. I am hopeful that time will be available soon and I think it will.

Hope all is going well for those of you who may have remembered I actually do have a blog! Again, I will try to get better!

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Betty said...

Congrats on the job promotion, that is great news! Best of luck to you!

Hope your work trip to NOLA was awesome and you got some fun time worked in.

So glad to hear everyone is doing well and hanging in there!

I too stay behind on my blog postings, but I'm going to hang in there and keep on rolling!

Just 6 days away from the big Eclipse premiere, can't wait!!!