Sunday, February 28, 2010

WOW - we need to crop more often!

I had a great time this weekend. Believe me, it was some relaxing, stress free time I know I sorely needed. Great to see everyone who was there. We had great food as always! Sorry, some of you could not make it this weekend, but I have a feeling you all still had a good time too!

For those of you who were there, first thank you for eating my food and not spitting it out while choking uncontrollably. As you all are well aware, the kitchen and I have sort of a love-hate relationship, so me making even the littlest thing to eat is a major undertaking! Since you all survived, I am taking the leftovers to my unsuspecting coworkers tomorrow. There is far more left than I can eat. Although I will say I had it as a topping for a baked potato for lunch and is was pretty darn good.

Second, for those of you who were there, you might remember the ornaments above. I listed five sets of this earlier today and they have already sold out. I only had two more sets of four and one set of three, so I have them listed now. If they keep selling like this, I may have to make a trip back up the interstate and get some more of that paper! That just made me happy, so I had to share. I am going to try to get the rest of what I made listed today and . . . . . well, I am thinking I may just push aside all the stuff and create a bigger mess making more new things!

I hope we all have a good start to March! March is good - beginning of spring, March madness, flowers, the smell of freshly cut grass - gotta' love the weather that is coming!!!

Happy Sunday!


Debbie H said...

Sorry I didn't get to see you, but I did have fun in Louisville. Love your eggs, and glad they are such a big hit in etsy, how cool!

Betty said...

Congrats on the sales! They are so cute and it was great watching you put them together. Our recent scrappin weekend was definitely one of the best. I had a great time and look forward to the next one.

Anonymous said...

I think we all had a great time!!! See ya soon.
Remember: the more you see, they more you can buy LOL.