Sunday, July 19, 2009

More Flowers and Other News

This is what is on my front porch - white geraniums, red petunias, and an ever-growing potato plant. (I don't think I named the wrong flowers, but if I did, please correct me!) I love the color green of the potato plant and I am not a fan of green in general. My settee has seen better days. I am trying to look for something else, but I can't really find anything else I like. I am headed out to water flowers now - it takes me about an hour.

I listed some paper witches brooms on etsy today and have my photos ready to list what I sent in for my first OOTBS sample. I made the ones I am listing earlier this year. The ones I sent in were all done alike. These are much more random!!

Mom e-mailed earlier and said Grandaddy fell again. He does not always pick his feet up and he tripped over one of those metal strips that help carpet, tile, etc, lay flat when the floor surfaces change. Does that make sense? Mom has been out to the assited living home to see him and said he looked fine. She thought they were going to the ER, but Grandaddy said he had already been. I don't know for sure if he went. Mom said he has some new bruises and cuts and evidently a bit of a black eye. Otherwise Mom said he is fine and is acting fine. She is going to try to talk to him about getting a motorized wheelchair, but that is going to be a HARD sale! Grandaddy told his doctor just a few months ago he was working out on the recumbent bike (or something very similar) and doing several thousands of steps in the hope of not having to use his walker any more! Besides being almost 94 (his birthday is in September), Grandaddy has also had 5 different hip replacement surgeries!

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